Sandman #38 - 1992 - DC/Vertigo Comic - VG

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Sandman #38 - 1992 - DC/Vertigo Comic

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A man from Poland tells his granddaughter Celeste the story of a young boy named Vassily from the old country, who encountered a Romany Gypsy peddler in the forest. He was kind to the woman, but his father found him and warned him against associating with outsiders. The boy could not help his curiosity, and returned to find her again. After a time, she gave him a locket with a picture of the duke's daughter in it. She asked to tell his fortune, but when she did, she was so horrified by what she saw that she ran away.

Eventually, the boy became so obsessed with the girl in the locket that he could no longer take pride in his work. So, he ran away from home, taking what few possessions he still had. On his path through the woods, Vassily discovered the gypsy woman's body; she had already been dead for some time. He collected her goods, and took them in to the next town, claiming to be a peddler himself. At a local inn, the innkeeper suggested that the forest was populated by monsters, and doubted Vassily's having come from there. That night, the boy slept on the floor, and in doing so, narrowly escaped being murdered by the innkeeper. Afterward, he killed the innkeeper, and took his money back.