Sandman #33 - 1991 - DC/Vertigo Comic - VG

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Sandman #33 - 1991 - DC/Vertigo Comic

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While examining the mysterious porpentine, a gem given to her by a friend from her dreams, Barbie is interrupted by her neighbour Hazel. Quickly, she hides the gem and then lets Hazel in. Barbie is taken aback when Hazel - an out lesbian - reveals that she thinks she might be pregnant. She had got drunk and had sex with a waiter, and thought she would be safe from pregnancy because they had had sex standing up. Barbie tries to remain calm and helpful despite her friend's startling ignorance on the subject of human reproduction. She admits to having been pregnant once, and having had an abortion. She tells Hazel to get a pregnancy test and talk to her lover about it.