Sandman #20 - Final Dream Country Story - 1990 - DC/Vertigo Comic - VG

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Sandman #20 - Final Dream Country Story - 1990 - DC/Vertigo Comic

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"I am Ra. I am the sun, who is life. I am he who is born a child every morn, and dies, an old man at nightfall".


Sandman (Volume 2) #20 is an issue of the series Sandman (Volume 2) with a cover date of October, 1990.

Urania Blackwell wants to die. Since she was changed into a metamorph, she has been alone, and dealing with the change to her appearance has been difficult. Her only source of social stimulation comes from weekly phone calls to Mulligan, her pension officer. The CIA has allowed her to retire with a disability pension since her transformation, but that is the extent of their support.

One day, she receives an unexpected phone call from an old friend from the Company, Della Kariakas. Della asks to meet her at a nearby Italian restaurant in order to catch up. Naturally, Urania is anxious, and struggles to make herself appear as she did before the incident which transformed her. Rather than attempt to make flesh for herself out of the elements, she creates silicate face-masks, and though they eventually harden and fall off, they serve her purposes. She makes her hair out of metals, because it's easier than real hair. The rest, she simply covers with clothing.

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