Saga #31 - 2015 - Image Comic - NM

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Saga #31 - 2015 - Image Comic

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In a classroom, students get up in front of the class to demonstrate their drawings to their classmates. Most of them are of wartime memories and losing appendages as the direction was to draw something sad. Hazel gets up to present and shows a silly drawing of a man farting. The whole class laughs. Noreen steps in and tells Hazel she's glad her vocabulary has improved, but the farting does not fit the assignment. The class bell rings and the students run out screaming. Noreen stops Hazel and tells her she can tells her anything she wants. She says it will be a secret as she peers over at Landfall Coalition members standing guard over them. Noreen then hands Hazel a book and Hazel begins crying. It was the first tears she had shed in years.

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