Masters Of The Universe: Snake Attack! - 1985 - Mattel Mini Comic - FR

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Masters Of The Universe: Snake Attack! - 1985 - Mattel Mini Comic

Fair Condition - Tear top of spine/creased back cover

The original series of Masters of the Universe action figures came packaged with a selection of small-size comics, spotlighting a number of characters (not necessarily the ones they were sold with) in short adventures. The minicomics were notable for a continuity slightly distinct from the later animated storyline, as they were produced earlier. Later comics were brought more in line with the 'primary' continuity.

The story begins with the Snake Men and Skeletor complaining about He-Man. Tung Lashor and Rattlor claim they have a plan to rid them of He-Man, once and for all, and set out to do it. Extendar is visiting the royal palace because Prince Adam wants to introduce him to his parents, King Randor and Queen Marlena. The two Snake Men enter the palace and take the king and queen as hostages. Extendar cannot do anything against it because he does not want to risk their royal lives. Adam runs away and changes into He-Man, who manages to knock them out, but Tung Lashor manages a strike him with his tongue. The poisonous venom spreads and hardens around He-Man until the hero is nothing more than a helpless statue.

Please note that this is a miniature comic and is smaller than an average American sized comic book.