Marvel Two In One #96: Featuring The Thing - 1983 - Marvel Comic - FR

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Marvel Two In One #96: Featuring The Thing - 1983 - Marvel Comic

Fair Condition - Spine wear and edge/corner wear

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Following his battles against both the Shi'ar's Gladiator and the Champion of the Universe, the Thing has been hospitalized for his injuries. There he is visited by his girlfriend Alicia Masters, his teammates in the Fantastic Four, his godson Franklin, and Captain America and Iron Man of the Avengers. As he gripes over not having anything good to watch on television and not being allowed to smoke any cigars, he is also visited by his pal Bill Foster and his girlfriend Celia Jackson. Suddenly the visit is interrupted by Ben's nurse who tells those gathered that visiting hours are over and that her patient needs his rest. As they leave the room, the Invisible Girl asks her husband what he seems so grim about, and Mister Fantastic points out that Ben's admission to the hospital is public knowledge and he fears that one of their many foes may attack him here. Just as Reed expresses these fears, the Mad Thinker is plotting the demise of the Thing from his secret lair. Running data through his computers he has determined that one of the Thing's foes will manage to get into his hospital room, however, there is insufficient data to determine who that person might be, much to his frustration. However, the Mad Thinker is convinced that at least one super-villain will be successful in destroying the Thing.

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