Marvel Two In One #91: Starring The Thing - 1982 - Marvel Comic - GD

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Marvel Two In One #91: Starring The Thing - 1982 - Marvel Comic

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In the deserts of Egypt a group of archaeologists has been digging for three months in the hopes of uncovering a lost piece of history. When a petrified figure is found the archaeologists uncover something best left buried. While half a world away at the Sanctum Sanctorum of Doctor Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme detects some mystical disturbance. Peering into his Cauldron of the Cosmos he is shown an image of the Fantastic Four's Thing and the ancient pyramids. Unsure what this vision means, Strange sends off his astral form to locate the Thing and tell him of his findings. Doctor Strange interrupts the Thing at the Fantastic Four's Baxter Building while Grimm is working out. After telling Ben what he has seen, the Thing finds it incredible to believe that he would just pack everything up and travel to Egypt. When Strange offers his help, the Thing politely declines and goes about his day after the sorcerer departs. In the hallway, he bumps into Mister Fantastic who is examining a blown up copy of a real view of Egypt where a previously undocumented pyramid has recently appeared where Professor Hempstead was leading an exhibition. Taking this as a sign that Strange was right, Ben soon departs from the Pogo Plane and sets a course for Egypt.