Marvel Two In One #70: The Thing And ..?! - 1980 - Marvel Comic - GD

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Marvel Two In One #70: The Thing And ..?! - 1980 - Marvel Comic

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The Thing has finally decided to approach Alicia Masters and try and makeup with her after breaking things off due to his fear of Alicia constantly being at risk as long as she's associated with the Fantastic Four. After a slight altercation with some boys playing baseball, Ben arrives at Alicia's apartment and learns that she has missed him and that the man that he thought she was dating was someone interested in her sculptures.

With their romance rekindled, Ben asks Alicia to move in with him to the Baxter Building, because it is the place that he believes that she will be the safest if their relationship is to work out. The two head off to the Baxter Building to confirm the arrangements with Reed and the rest of the Fantastic Four, however they are unaware that Ben's old rivals Live Wire and Shellshock are stalking them in the hopes of stealing Alicia's priceless sculptures.