Marvel Tales #285 - 1994 - Marvel Comic - PR

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Marvel Tales #285 - 1994 - Marvel Comic

Poor Condition - Missing spine staple, cover partially removed from pages, stain front cover

Peter Park is finding it difficult to believe that Flash Thompson is actually the Hobgoblin, even though he unmasked the villain himself. Although Flash was his tormenter in high school, Peter recalls how Flash started the first Spider-Man fan club. Eventually, the pair put their pasts behind them and became good friends. Even though Thompson has had his share of personal problems, he still can't bring himself to accept the apparent truth. Suddenly, Mary Jane comes rushing into Peter's apartment, she came as soon as she read the news about Flash. She demands that he does something, and asks if he really had something to do Flash's capture before he can answer the phone rings. It's Matt Murdock, who sounds terrible. Fearing that Peter's phone may be tapped, Murdock asks Peter to meet him.

Soon, Peter arrives at a rescue mission in Hell's Kitchen, where Sister Maggie takes him to see Murdock. Peter is shocked to see the Daredevil, and successful lawyer Matt Murdock living in a shelter. When Peter asks what happened, Matt explains that the Kingpin somehow discovered that he was really Daredevil, and has been doing everything in his power to destroy his life. He then warns Peter that the Kingpin might also know that he is secretly Spider-Man. When Peter suggests that Matt fight back in his capacity as a lawyer, Murdock explains how the Kingpin had him disbarred and has turned every organization against him.

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