Marvel Tales #232 - 1989 - Marvel Comic - GD

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Marvel Tales #232 - 1989 - Marvel Comic

Good Condition - Creased Front Cover

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Thermo the Thermatronic Man feels his bio-electric power increase as he grips Spider-Man around the throat and drains his body heat. Spider-Man sinks onto the rubble of the theater wall that Thermo just slammed him into — the very theater where Dazzler performs her stage act. Across the street, Paladin slowly regains consciousness after having been smashed through a plate-glass window by Thermo. Only the armor in his costume kept him from being killed. Suddenly, Thermo is distracted by a brilliant light display, and he lets go of Spider-Man to face Dazzler.

Having heard the commotion and gone outside, Dazzler uses her mutant ability to temporarily blind the Thermatronic Man. Then, Spider-Man's recuperative powers quickly restore some of his strength, and he manages to stagger Thermo with a punch to the back. At the same time, Paladin shoots Thermo with his nullifier. Although the weapon again fails to knock him out, Thermo is so overwhelmed by the triple attack that he runs away down an alley. Hurling a trailer truck between himself and the pursuing Spider-Man and Paladin, he vows to return to crush them. Then, he leaps over a fence and escapes. When Paladin sees the gorgeous Dazzler, his eyes light up. However, they hear police sirens, so they quickly carry Spider-Man to Dazzler's nearby apartment.