Marvel Tales #231 - 1989 - Marvel Comic - VG

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Marvel Tales #231 - 1989 - Marvel Comic

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Two muggers — "Digger" and his partner — attack a prospective victim in a New York alleyway. Much to their surprise, the man grabs their hands and quite painfully drains away their body heat, and they quickly fall to the ground, unconscious. Then, he continues slowly on his way.

Sometime later, Lance Bannon and a police captain watch a paramedic team haul the hypothermic hoodlums away in an ambulance. After Bannon takes some pictures, the captain says that the muggers are almost certainly victims of the "Street Stalker." The medics should be able to help them, he continues, but someday the Stalker is going to kill someone. In his cubicle at Empire State University, Peter Parker reads the Daily Bugle account of the two thugs. Not only does the Bugle take Spider-Man to task for not having captured the Street Stalker, but Lance Bannon's photographs have replaced Peter's on the front page.