Marvel Tales #228 - 1989 - Marvel Comic - GD

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Marvel Tales #228 - 1989 - Marvel Comic

Good Condition - Creased corners

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Reprint of the 1st story from Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #17 

Peter Parker is sent to Los Angeles to cover the disbandment of the Champions for the Daily Bugle. Arriving outside of the Champion's office tower headquarters, Peter is lost in thought when suddenly two of the windows in the building pop out of their frames. Seeing this is the Champions former leader, the Angel, who quickly flies into action, tossing one of the windows into Santa Monica Bay. However, the second pane is heading right for Peter Parker, and the Angel can't reach him in time. Thankfully, Peter's spider-sense kicks in, and he is able to leap out of the way of danger.

Luckily, nobody really saw this feat of agility, and so, Spider-Man's secret identity is maintained. When Peter explains to the Angel what brings him to Los Angeles, the Angel informs him that he is too late as the other members of the Champions have already left. When he asks why the windows popped out of their fame, the Angel explains that his headquarters was the product of shoddy construction. That's when Peter discovers that his camera was smashed while trying to escape the falling glass.


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