Marvel Tales #227 - 1989 - Marvel Comic - GD

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Marvel Tales #227 - 1989 - Marvel Comic

Good Condition - Mild creasing on cover

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Reprints Amazing Spider-Man #92

Spider-Man has just been confronted by Sam Bullit and Gwen Stacy at Peter Parker's apartment. Spider-Man, hoping to talk sense into Gwen, grabs the girl and makes an exit. However, this is spotted by Bobby Drake, who is out on a date. He changes into Iceman and attacks Spider-Man, whom he thinks will harm the girl, forcing Spidey to make an escape. Bullit thanks Iceman for his help and asks him to track down and capture Spider-Man.

After continuing his law and order campaign to obtain the D.A. chair, Bullit is contacted by J. Jonah Jameson, who tells him that he's dropping the Bugle's endorsement of him. When Bullit and his goons show up at the Bugle, Jameson explains that he will no longer endorse a candidate with shady dealings, revealing that he knows about how Bullit and his men roughed up Peter Parker. To add to the damaging evidence against Bullit, Joe Robertson has dug up Bullit's background, which involves dealing with extremist and racist groups.