Marvel Tales #211 - 1988 - Marvel Comic - VG

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Marvel Tales #211 - 1988 - Marvel Comic

Very Good Condition

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While fighting the Tarantula, Spider-Man finds himself under the gun of the Punisher, who believes that the wall-crawler is in on the kidnapping of the ship's crew. The Tarantula allows the Punisher to believe this, prompting a fight between Spider-Man and the Punisher allowing the Tarantula and his men to escape. When the Punisher realizes that he's been duped, he stops his fight with Spider-Man and tells the wall-crawler to meet him at midnight at the museum in Fort Tryon before jumping overboard.

Spider-Man flees the ship when the crew (who still believe that he had something to do with the hijacking) crowd around him. He changes into Peter Parker in the water and pretends that he needs to be rescued. He manages to convince Mary Jane that he was knocked overboard, however, he fails to convince Flash Thompson, who is becoming suspicious of Peter's double identity.

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