Marvel Tales #196 - 1987 - Marvel Comic - FN

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Marvel Tales #196 - 1987 - Marvel Comic

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Spider-Man has failed to stop the Super Skrull from his rampage and now has to face the insanely powerful Skrull alone. However, as they fight on, Spider-Man notices that the Super Skrull's powers are weakening. When a power line burns up and snaps loose, the Super Skrull realizes that they electrical wires above are blocking the transmission beam from space that gives him his powers. Striking the electrical generator with a flame blast, the Super Skrull causes an explosion that knocks Spider-Man out and covers his escape.

Pulling himself from out of the wreckage, Spider-Man learns from Jean DeWolff that the Super Skrull is attacking the cruise ship the Queen Elizabeth 2. This just happens to be the very ship that Carol Danvers is aboard, covering the story for Women Magazine. The Super Skrull has sought out a clay statue in the possession of antique dealer Josiah Rubin. Smashing the statue open, he finds a special Cavorite crystal inside that can power a star drive.