Marvel Tales #194 - 1986 - Marvel Comic - FN

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Marvel Tales #194 - 1986 - Marvel Comic

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Equinox is on a rampage on the Queensborough Bridge, and during the course of his battle against Spider-Man, the Wasp, and Yellowjacket, Equinox had seemingly slain Yellowjacket by exploding a tanker truck full of gasoline. Jean DeWolff and Raphael Scarfe have arrived on the scene to close off the destruction on the bridge. Furious that her husband was seemingly murdered by the villain, the Wasp jumps over the police barricade and attacks Equinox up front. However, the villain is too powerful for her to face on her own, and she is rescued from harm by Spider-Man.

Spider-Man and the Wasp decide to question Margay Sorenson, Equinox's mother, to see what they can learn from her. The Wasp is furious when she tries to explain to them that Equinox's rampage is not his fault, prompting Spider-Man to cut in and stop a potential fight. When Wasp questions Spider-Man on what he knows about losing someone he loves, he's forced to remember the death of Gwen Stacy. The situation is broken up when Equinox resumes his attack on them, and Margay attempts to use her device to cure her son, but it doesn't work.