Marvel Tales #190 - 1986 - Marvel Comic - FF

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Marvel Tales #190 - 1986 - Marvel Comic

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As usual, Spider-Man breaks up an attempted robbery of a payroll truck. However, one of the bystanders is frightened by the violence and asks Spider-Man to leave. Peter is astonished at how well Mr. Jameson's attacks on him have worked.

Spider-Man No More!

Shortly afterward, Peter arrives to his and Harry's apartment only to be told by Harry that his Aunt May is ill. Rushing to Aunt May's house, he is told by Anna Watson that May was calling for Peter, but she has been sedated now and is sleeping peacefully. Peter chastises himself for not paying enough attention to his Aunt since moving in with Harry. Even though he has an important test the next day, Peter doesn't study, figuring he wouldn't be able to concentrate.

The next day, after the test, Peter's Professor expresses concern over the decline in Peter's grades. With all of this weighing on him, Peter begins to hate the very name of Spider-Man! Adding fuel to the fire is J. Jonah Jameson going into another anti-Spider-Man rant on TV. Walking at night, dwelling on all his problems, Peter takes his Spider-Man outfit and throws it in the garbage, deciding to end his crime-fighting career.