Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1 - Reprints Secret Wars #1 - 1985 - Marvel UK Comic - PR

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Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1 - Reprints Secret Wars #1 - 1985 - Marvel UK Comic

Poor Condition - Notable tear front cover, spine wear

Please See Photo For Details

Please note that this is a UK-sized comic and re-prints Secret Wars #1 in a UK size format

After having entered a mysterious construct that appeared in Central Park in their own respective magazines (see Amazing Spider-Man #251Uncanny X-Men #180Iron Man #181Incredible Hulk #294Thing #10Thor #341Avengers #242Captain America #292, and Fantastic Four #295), many of Earth's heroes are instantaneously gathered together in a giant construct in space. The heroes are Captain AmericaThorCaptain MarvelHawkeyeIron ManShe-HulkWasp, the Fantastic Four (minus Invisible Woman), ColossusCyclopsNightcrawlerProfessor XRogueStormWolverineLockheedMagnetoSpider-Man and Hulk.

They are unsure as to what or who had brought them to this place. They introduce themselves to each other. They then realize they are not alone. Across the way another construct appears housing the villains of Earth, according to Professor X's mental probings. One thing the heroes do not understand, however, is why Magneto appeared in their construct and not the villains'.

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