Man-Bat #1 - 2009 - DC Comic - VG

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Man-Bat #1 - 2009 - DC Comic

Very Good Condition

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Man-Bat discovers his wife has been turning into a vampire She-Bat and murdering people at the mental behest of a sorcerer named Baron Tyme. Langstrom takes his patented formula and turns into the Man-Bat. He flies after Francine and tries to stop her, but is confounded by a series of illusions that Baron Tyme has generated to confound him. He follows the She-Bat into Gotham City and prevents her from pouncing upon a civilian named Professor Raymond Arthur. While Francine is temporarily knocked insensate, the Man-Bat looks after Professor Arthur. He asks Arthur about Baron Tyme, and Arthur realizes that he must be referring to Professor Clement Tyme, a scholar of Medieval lore at Antioke University. Suddenly, the She-Bat revives and slashes at Professor Arthur, killing him.

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