Lobo #22 - 1995 - DC Comic - FN

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Lobo #22 - 1995 - DC Comic

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In the middle of space, the Cosmic Rock Zombie radio satellite finishes playing the speedthrashdeathjunk metal song, I Killed My Folks (No Accident) by Oedipus Wrecks. The overgrown D.J., Wolfman Wilf, announces the next song, I Killed My Folks (No Accident) by Oedipus Wrecks, the same song he's been playing on a loop for thirty years. Having not left the studio in all that time, Wilt decides he can't put off getting a haircut any longer and brings in Tony LePoni as a temporary replacement. He warns the young D.J. that all he has to do his repeat the same song constantly to keep Lobo happy.

Across the universe, Lobo tracks down his bounty target, Doc Bugg, to Earth by scent. The Main Man is rocking out to the violent music playing in his head... until Tony decides to take back the airwaves and play soul music. Lobo assumes there must be some interference and starts punching himself in the head to rectify it as he directs his hawg to New York City.

New York is in chaos, with spreading fires and roaming demons, just as 'Bo remembers it (in his mind.) One demon tries to attack the passing alien but Lobo retaliates with his firearm. Doc Bugg recognises the unique gunshots and runs in the opposite direction, murdering a man standing in his way with a sandwich board reading, "Pray, for the end is nigh!" Bugg suddenly realises Lobo has tracked him this far so there is no chance of escaping him. In desperation, Bugg pleads to whichever Earth deity will listen to him... and Neron answers.

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