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Kids Comic Starter Bundle


This bundle contains a carefully picked selection of vintage and new material suitable for younger kids. This can feature british comic classics from across the decades, such as the Beano and Dandy, American comics from Marvel and DC such as Sonic and Scooby Doo, and Independant comics that we deem suitable for younger readers up-to the age of twelve.

These bundles are a great way to get younger kids started on comics, with at least 10 comics in each bag + a mystery toy! The aim is to provide a wide selection of new reading material they can choose from, whilst also introducing them to some of titles and franchises that you may have grown up with youself!

We select from a huge pre-selected lot at random and try our best to make sure that the comics that are included in good condition, but we cannot garantee there won't be markings or age related damage to some older items. We do include bags and boards with any standard sized comics.

Each includes x1 mystery gift and FREE UK SHIPPING!