Justice League #9 - 2012 - DC Comic - FR

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Justice League #9 - 2012 - DC Comic

Fair Condition - Cover/Spine Wear

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Four years ago, a terminally ill David Graves consults his Doctor about his worsening condition. The Doctor tells him that his body is failing, and wonders why he hasn't contacted the Justice League, as they could potentially help him if they knew how he became sick. David says that the League cannot help him, and shoots his doctor, believing that he can only save himself.

Four years later, in Washington, D.C., Colonel Steve Trevor is stopped outside a liquor store by two paparazzi who ask about Wonder Woman dumping him and whether it was due to her attraction to another member of the Justice League. After punching one of them, Steve goes to his sister's house for dinner, showing how much he cares for her and her children.

In Gotham, Batman thinks about the letter he recently received from The Flash while remembering his childhood. Alfred tells him that the super-villain The Key has broken-into Arkham Asylum, and Bruce cancels a meeting to intervene.

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