Justice League #12 - 2021 - DC Comic - GD

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Justice League #12 - 2021 - DC Comic

Good Condition - Crease Front Cover

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In the Valley of Souls, members of the Justice League each encounter the spirit of a deceased loved one. Wonder Woman is confronted by the spirit of Steve Trevor, who tells her that she's too late. The spirits attack the League, and Graves appears. He tells the League that he plans to destroy the Asuras' temple, releasing all the spirits, and reuniting the world with their dead loved ones.

Graves is then shot from behind, by none other than an alive Steve Trevor. With Trevor being alive, the League discovers that the spirits are not of their loved ones, but demonic parasites called Pretas, which feed off the living's pain. They were using Graves as part of their plans. Graves clung to the story of empowerment by his deceased family because he could not face the their deaths. Green Lantern and Cyborg weaken the Pretas, while Aquaman delivers the final blow, successfully exorcising the demons out of Graves.

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