Justice League #11 - 2012 - DC Comic - VG

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Justice League #11 - 2012 - DC Comic

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In the aftermath of David Graves' attack on the Justice League, Batman awakens from reliving his parents death, only to find the rest of the League reliving their worst memories as well. The group reconvenes, and Batman theorizes that Graves' spirits seem to feed off the misery of whoever they've attacked. Cyborg discovers that Graves teleported to the house of Tracy Trevor, Steve Trevor's sister.

Graves converses with Tracy, stating that when people die, their souls wait to be judged in a place called "The Valley of Souls". Graves explains that he went to the valley to be reunited with his family, and wants to rid the world of "false gods". The League booms in, only to miss Graves by a second. Tracy argues with Wonder Woman, stating that its her fault that Steve is in danger.

Outside the house, Batman reveals that the villain's name is "David Graves", the author of "Justice League: Gods Among Men", a book that helped catapult the team into the public's favor. He and his family contracted an illness which killed them and crippled him. Graves' last known address was a cabin in Maine.

Wonder Woman decides to face Graves alone, but Green Lantern tries to stop her. The two fight, with Diana gaining the upper hand. Superman tries to intervene, but is knocked back. As the rest of the League evacuates civilians, they find out that Graves has been broadcasting the fight to the entire world. Cyborg booms the League to Graves' cabin, where they come to an understanding.