Justice League #10 - 2012 - DC Comic - GD

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Justice League #10 - 2012 - DC Comic

Good Condition - Marks on cover

Three years ago, in the Pamir Mountains of Central Asia, David Graves battles extreme weather as he searches for something near Mount Sumeru, a place known by some for its connection to the afterlife. David encounters a temple surrounded by three large deities with six arms.

These gods, the Asuras, were cursed to scavenge at the bottom of the heavens by the other gods.

Exhausted, David begs for help. Instead the deities tell David he must complete the journey on his own power. With his life fading away, David crawls towards the mystical temple.

In the present, Steve Trevor is still imprisoned in a room where David Graves has taken him. Steve frees himself from his restraints, and as he attempts to head through an exit door, he is assaulted by demonic spirits. These entities call out to him, wanting to feed on his personal loss and emotional pain.

Aquaman helps rescue survivors of a cruise ship that has shipwrecked. Some TV reporters get in his face, rudely suggesting that there are other super-heroes more deserving of Justice League membership. As Aquaman shakes off the insults, Cyborg summons him to an emergency Justice League meeting.

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