Justice League #36 - 2015 - DC Comic - FN

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Justice League #36 - 2015 - DC Comic

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Metropolis is under quarantine, and most of its citizens have evacuated. In the aftermath of the infection, many criminals are taking the opportunity to loot the empty buildings and vehicles, at the risk of infecting themselves. Three such young men have been discovered by Batman and Superman, and though the victims are guilty of theft, the pair must remind themselves that they are there to help the infected. Unfortunately, one side-effect of the virus is the development of meta-human powers. Though they are prepared, the thugs' transformations come as a surprise, and two of them die before the third goes into stage three of the infection, and Batman is able to resuscitate him. The encounter leaves Batman with a cracked visor, and Superman warns that he can't keep coming into Metropolis like this if he puts himself at risk of infection as well. Batman insists that he is needed, because Patient Zero is still somewhere in Metropolis.

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