Journey into Mystery #13 - 1974 - Marvel Comic - FR

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Journey into Mystery #13 - 1974 - Marvel Comic

Fair Condition - Worn/creased cover, heavy edge wear

Please See Photo For Details

Reprints stories from Strange Worlds #1, Tales of Suspense #35 and more

A man discovers that flying saucers are real, but are not actually ships, but alien beings able to travel through space on their own. They are often forced to crashland on Earth because of local radiation, and leave as quickly as possible.

In another tale, in the year 2065 a 45 year old space pilot doesn't take his decommission lying down. He fabricates an alien costume he names Zarkorr who represents a Galactic Federation with an ultimatum for Earth. Since the people of Earth are beginning space travel, they must pass a test to determine their society's level of maturity or be quarantined or even possibly destroyed. They must have a pilot fly a spacecraft to Mars manually, not using any electronic computation. The current generation of pilots have all been trained to use the computers, but since he has only been decommissioned for three months, the space pilot completes the task and is successful in his ruse.

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