Joker's Last Laugh #1-#6 Full Set - 2001 - DC Comics - GD

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Joker's Last Laugh #1-#6 Full Set - 2001 - DC Comics

Good Condition - Spine Wear

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While locked up in the Slab penitentiary, the Joker finds out he is suffering from a terminal brain tumor. Determined to go out with a bang, he uses a venom to "jokerize" other inmates, making them insane and changing their appearance, giving them white skin, green hair, and a wide smile. A riot breaks out in the Slab and Black CanaryNightwing, and Batman move in to put it down while Dina Bell and Shilo Norman are trapped inside. The Joker prompts Black Mass to suck the prison into a black hole while he and the other villains escape. Blue Beetle narrowly rescues Black Canary, Batman, and Nightwing while Dina and Shilo are not as lucky. Barbara Gordon feels remorseful for being absent on a date with Dick Grayson (Nightwing) while the riot first broke out and begins to wish she could kill the Joker for the pain he's caused in her life.