JLA: Secret Files & Origins #1 - 2004 - DC Comic - GD

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JLA: Secret Files & Origins #1 - 2004 - DC Comic

Good Condition - Sticker front cover

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The Elite track down a pair of female mystics preparing a sacrificial spell designed to bring about the resurrection of Norse gods. Meanwhile, half a world away, the JLA battles the manifestations of those gods. Flash, a member of both teams, manages to be in the thick of it on both sides of the battle.

The Elite manages to shut down the spell and the Gods fade away. The teams return to their respective headquarters, neither organization aware of the other's status or situation. That's the way it has to be; the Elite is a "don't ask don't tell" operation that the JLA turn an uneasy blind eye to.

Batman discovers through Oracle that the appearance of the Norse Gods was linked to the Spear of Destiny, a powerful magic spear used to pierce Christ's skin during his crucifixion. Adolf Hitler was tied to the spear by mystical means and used the spear to defeat the original Justice Society of America during World War II. Now someone has exhumed Hitler's secret hidden remains that are kept in an old KGB building somewhere in Russia. Batman believes someone is trying to use Hitler's remains, and his connection to the spear, as a means to track it down and harness its awesome power. Flash knows this to be true.

Earlier alongside the Elite, Flash interrogated the female mystics and discovered the spear was their ultimate goal. The one witch gives up the location of her master, Circe, and Flash is off again to pull double duty as another Norse god appears in Norway and the Elite go after Circe.

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