JLA #33 - 1999 - DC Comic - VG

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JLA #33 - 1999 - DC Comic

Very Good Condition

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Batman tells the assembled Leaguers he wants them to bring in Bruce Wayne, whom he believes is behind the recent destruction in Gotham City. He also tells Wonder Woman and Superman to go in search of Flash, while the others go after Wayne.

Incognito, Steel, Plastic Man, Big Barda, Orion and Green Lantern go to the Riviera Hotel in France, where they find Wayne at a Baccarat table. When he sees Plastic Man, he makes for the exit and ditches the heroes.

Meanwhile, in Keystone City, Superman and Wonder Woman help Flash (Walter West) clean up the mess Dr. Alchemy is making.

As the League finds Wayne and tries to take him down, they discover that he seems to go intangible at will; as it turns out, the supposed Bruce Wayne is one of the White Martians, whom they eventually capture.

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