Identity Crisis #7 - 2005 - DC Comic - VG

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Identity Crisis #7 - 2005 - DC Comic

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The Atom figures out Jean Loring killed Sue Dibny when she asks about evidence she should not have any knowledge of. She admit to having used his suit to shrink down to atom level. Her intention was to knock her out to bring all the heroes home to their wives, she didn't mean to kill her. When Ray tells her how horrible it was, she seems vacant and obsessed with spending time with Ray. Ray slowly realizes she's gone crazy. She tells Palmer that she undertook the plan, which included faking the attempt on her own life, in order to bring Ray back into her life. Palmer realizes that she is insane, and Loring is committed to Arkham Asylum.

Flash asks Green Arrow to come over to meet him and Linda Park for dinner. Oliver thinks about how the Justice League always endure hardships.

Batman visits his parents' grave and tells them to take care of Sue Dibny and Jack Drake.

Superman spends some time with his mother who tells him she'll love him no matter what happens.

At the JLA watchtower Wally acts weird in front of Batman as he doesn't want to tell him about how the JLA mind-wiped him.

Ralph Dibny talks with someone. It is only his voice heard. When the light is turned on in his room, Ralph is having a conversation with his absent wife, signifying that Sue is still with him in spirit.