Howard The Duck #25 - 1978 - Marvel Comic - GD

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Howard The Duck #25 - 1978 - Marvel Comic

Good Condition - Creased cover

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When Paul has $2000 cash to blow, he takes Howard out to buy a new suit and then takes the fowl and Winda out to the most fancy restaurant in the city, the Fifth Season. Along the way, Howard recounts the events that led to Paul's current monetary windfall, how while on the cruise he made money after drawing a portrait of Iris Raritan, a rich socialite. Loving the drawing, she also introduced him to others who would be willing to pay top dollar for his work.

Arriving at the restaurant, they have some trouble getting in, until Paul advises the waiter that he is a friend of Raritan. There they meet Iris who is arranging a Circus show for a party she's throwing with a "Mr. Thraller" (Secretly the Ringmaster of the Circus of Crime.) She then invites Paul, Howard and Winda to the party.