House of Mystery #161 - 1966 - DC Comic - FR

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House of Mystery #161 - 1966 - DC Comic

Fair Condition - Cover/spine wear, price stamp front cover

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A man dressed as a mummy with an elaborate headpiece mask robs a charity event. Robby Reed goes into action using his H-Dial to become Magneto, a hero with magnetic powers. Robby battles the mummy man, but he is forced to rescue a busload of trapped people, allowing the crooks to escape. Magneto visits police headquarters and identifies the crook as Joe Beket from police photos. Robby is then able to find Beket's apartment and gain clues to the crook's next robberies. When Beket tries to steal a painting at the pier, Robby is there to stop him as Hornet-Man. Unfortunately the supernatural powers of Beket's headpieces allow him to escape again.

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