Green Lantern: Secret Files & Origins #1 - 2005 - DC Comic - VG

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Green Lantern: Secret Files & Origins #1 - 2005 - DC Comic

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Hal Jordan and Kyle Rayner use their rings to fly to Edwards Air Force Base. On the way, Hal remembers back to his childhood. Every morning before school, he snuck onto the base to watch his father pilot a jet overhead. Hal's mother disapproved, so they finally had to stop. A few nights later, Hal's father brought him to the base for a plane ride together.

Years later, Hal and Carol Ferris flew in a plane together while on a date. It was her first time back in the air since her father's heart attack required her to manage the company. She and Hal kissed after landing.

In the present, Hal and Kyle arrive at the base. Hal takes him up for a jet ride so that Kyle can experience the thrill of flying without a ring.

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