Green Lantern/Green Arrow #1 - 1983 - DC Comic - VG

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Green Lantern/Green Arrow #1 - 1983 - DC Comic

Very Good Condition

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Reprints Green Lantern #76

Green Lantern prevents a group of street toughs from harassing an elderly man. Using his ring, he scoops the assailant up and transports him to jail. Onlookers to the incident however, including Green Arrow, show their disapproval of Green Lantern's actions. The man whom Green Lantern saved is an unscrupulous slum lord named Jubal Slade. Green Arrow gives Hal a tour of one of Slade's buildings, showing him all of the people that Slade plans on putting out into the streets after he sells the building.

Shortly after, a poor, elderly black man points out how Green Lantern works for the "blue skins", i.e. the Guardians of the Universe; has helped out races with "orange skins" and "purple skins", and yet he has never bothered with the "black skins" on his own planet.

After learning the truth, Hal tries to intimidate Jubal Slade, but Slade has the law on his side, and Green Lantern's threats fall on deaf ears. Enraged, Hal prepares to punch Slade, but an image of one of the Guardians appears before him, admonishing him for his conduct.