Green Lantern #45 - 2009 - DC Comic - FN

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Green Lantern #45 - 2009 - DC Comic

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The issue begins at Sector 1313, where we see Green Lantern John Stewart among the remains of the planet Xanshi, as well as Black Lantern Rings swarming around and reanimating the entire planet, when we see Black Lantern Pariah utter the phrase, "World have died, worlds will rise."

On Zamaron, home-world of the Star Sapphire Corps, we see Carol Ferris as Star Sapphire once again battling members of the Sinestro Corps who have come to free the female members of their Corps, who were crystallized by the Zamarons and were undergoing conversion into the Star Sapphire Corps. However, with the Sinestros attacking the planet, the conversion process is wearing off and the female Sinestros are unconverted and break free, including Kryb, Karu-Sil, and Kiriazis. As that happens, Carol finds Sinestro among them and the two battle it out.

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