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Green Lantern #175 - 1984 - DC Comic

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January 19th 1984-Congressman Jason Bloch is visited by Mr. Smith, who encourages him to cease his attacks on Ferris Air, but Jason refuses blaming Ferris Air and it protector Green Lantern for his father's death. After Mr. Smith leaves, the congressman reveals that he was behind Javelin's attack on Ferris Air and that he has discovered that Green Lantern's true identity is Hal Jordan.

Meanwhile, in the apartment of Hal and Carol, Hal Jordan learns that the Flash is on trial for murder, and after recharging his ring he flies off to talk to his friend, unaware that the Shark is stalking the streets of LA, killing homeless people, looking for Green Lantern.

Elsewhere, Barry Allen, as the Flash, battles the Rainbow Raider, but when the Raider uses his powers on a crowd of people, it looks like the villain may get away. That is until the Green Lantern shows up and traps him with a green stop sign construct. Then, after turning the Raider over to the police, Green Lantern and Flash talk about Barry's trail. Hal trusts his friend had no other way of stopping Reverse Flash, but murder still sits strange with him. The two part way and Green Lantern starts flying home to have lunch with Carol.