Green Lantern #1 - 2019 - DC Comic - FN

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Green Lantern #1 - 2019 - DC Comic

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Green Lanterns Floozle Flem and Maxim Tox are dispatched to Ventura to apprehend three thieves who have stolen a Luck Dial for Controller MuChriselon and Trilla-Tru arrive just as the pirates are being neutralized. As they attempt to cart them away, they are attacked by The Anti-Matter Lantern who seemingly kills Tox.

On Earth, Green Lantern Hal Jordan waits for his girlfriend Eve Doremus to visit him with dinner: he has lost his job again and has nothing to do other than stare at the stars. The next day, he is hitch-hiking when a small mob of hoboes attack him: they are a disguise for the colonial organism the Horminth Collective. He easily beats them in a fistfight and they reveal why they are on Earth: the ship transporting the space pirates has crash landed on Earth and they were stowaways. Hal finds an ailing Chriselon who loans him a power battery to recharge his ring and he sets out to stop the criminals, in spite of his recent suspension from the Corps by the Guardians of the Universe.

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