Green Goblin #2 - 1995 - Marvel Comic - FN

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Green Goblin #2 - 1995 - Marvel Comic

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After his first time out as the Green Goblin, Phil Urich thinks about the accidental discovery of the new Goblin armor and how he can use it. With his strength enhanced thanks to a chemical dousing, Phil discovers that he can only access these superhuman abilities when he is wearing the Green Goblin mask. As he tries to lift weights, Phil is interrupted by the arrival of his friend Freddie Glazer. Glazer is still freaked out about how they all almost got busted by the police for breaking into an old Osborn warehouse. Phil then learns that although Ricko the Sicko was arrested, he is already out on bail and wants to talk to Phil. Phil doesn't know what to do, and wishes he had someone to talk to so he can sort everything out.

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