Golden Age: Secret Files & Origins #1 - 2001 - DC Comic - VG

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Golden Age: Secret Files & Origins #1 - 2001 - DC Comic

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Clark Kent is tasked by Perry White to research Lee Travis, the Crimson Avenger, the first masked hero who started the Golden Age of heroes. He visits the elder members of the Justice Society of America to learn anything about the Avenger. Although the Justice Society of America knew of the Avenger, he wasn't actually part of the JSA. He was responsible for inspiring the first Sandman and others afterward to become a hero, partnered with his Asian chauffeur Wing, and became a member of the Seven Soldiers of Victory. Many of these heroes, including the Avenger, debuted during the time America was recovering from the Great Depression and crime and corruption was at an all time high. Though no one is sure what inspired Lee Travis to become the Crimson Avenger or what he was avenging.