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Forever Evil #6 - 2014 - DC Comic

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At Happy Harbor, Lex Luthor feels that working alongside Batman to save the world is the second to last thing he ever expected to do in his life. As they look across the bay to the ruins of the Justice League Satellite, Lex comments that the Crime Syndicate's incursion could never have happened if the heroes hadn't cropped up, and been manipulated into letting them cross over into this world. And now, it is up to he and a gang of career criminals to set things right.

Meanwhile, in Maine, the Syndicate gathers to discuss the danger that approaches. The horror that destroyed Earth 3 has been alerted by Ring of Volthoom's search for a new host, and if it comes to this world, all of their work so far was for nothing. A dimensional rift has opened in the skies, and, though it will take significant life energy, Deathstorm will be called upon to close it. In the meantime, Owlman receives a private message from Alfred that something is wrong with Nightwing, and his attention is required.