Firestorm #19 - 1984 - DC Comic - FN

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Firestorm #19 - 1984 - DC Comic

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A strange humanoid plant creature known as Goldenrod breaks into the Manhattan law offices of Benton & Benton Attorneys. He kills the night watchman, Bernie Jones and proceeds to make his way to the upper floors of the building. Police sergeant Michael Mackay arrives to investigate the crime scene. Firestorm shows up and offers to lend a hand. Mackay doesn't care for Firestorm's flamboyant attitude, but allows him to assist in the case. Firestorm studies the carnage and finds a file labeled, "Special Testing Project: Ollins Medical Lab". He then flies off to discover the Benton law firm's connection to Ollins.

He arrives at the Ollins plant and flies through one of the walls. Inside, he finds Goldenrod running amok, destroying the laboratories. Firestorm approaches him, but Goldenrod blasts him with a spray of concentrated pollen. While the hero is momentarily blinded, Goldenrod races outside. Firestorm catches up to him, but Goldenrod ensnares him within a nest of vines. Firestorm uproots a gas line and ignites it, causing wide gouts of flame to drive Goldenrod away. Once he frees himself from the tangle of vines, he discovers that his adversary has escaped.

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