Fantastic Four #372 - 1993 - Marvel Comic - FN

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Fantastic Four #372 - 1993 - Marvel Comic 

Fine Condition

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New York City's super-human response unit Code: Blue has come to the Four Freedoms Plaza to arrest the Human Torch for setting Empire State University on fire, however the Invisible Woman will not allow them to arrest her brother and lashes out at the group. As she tries to explain that her brother was only defending himself and the fire was the result of poor judgement, Fireworks and Jock of Code: Blue try to ambush Sue from behind. Detecting their presence, she easily dispatches them with invisible force blasts, then shield's herself from Lt. Stone's gun shots with a force field. The ricocheting bullets cause the members of Code: Blue to find cover. Before the battle can escalate any further, Johnny flies into the room and orders everyone to stop fighting as he is turning himself over to the authorities. Sue is outraged by this, but Johnny insists on taking responsibility for his mistakes. Upon this admission, Sue angrily reminds Lt. Stone that Johnny hasn't been read his Miranda rights and that statement is not admissible in court. After Johnny's rights are read, Fireworks surprises Johnny by asking for his autograph. As handcuffs are being placed on Johnny's hands, Franklin comes into the room with his nanny Agatha Harkness in tow. Young Franklin is horrified to see his Uncle Johnny being arrested and taken away like a criminal. The Torch assures his nephew that everything is going to be okay before being taken away by the police.