Fantastic Four #339 - 1990 - Marvel Comic - GD

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Fantastic Four #339 - 1990 - Marvel Comic

Good Condition - Creased front cover

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In the heart of the Time Bubble, the Fantastic Four have discovered that it is caused by Galactus trying to consume the entire universe. They soon find their Time-Sled being sucked into the massive maw of the device feeding Galactus. Loose from the ship is the Human Torch, whom Reed manages to pull back aboard before he can be drawn into the black hole. Almost pulled into the hole, the Fantastic Four and their allies Thor and Iron Man struggle to get free. Ultimately the manage to free themselves when Thor and Iron Man channel their weapons power into the Time-Sled, giving them enough thrust to blast free from the pull of the black hole. However they are far from safe, their activities have attracted the attention of the mysterious beings who begin to monitor their activities. Also, Sue checks on her brother who seems to be all right, unaware that he's actually been possessed by the mind of Nebula, who is seeking to take control of the powerful Celestial weapon said to be hidden within the Time Bubble. However, Sue suspects that there is something wrong with her brother, and Reed suggests that she keep an eye on him.