Fantastic Four #315 - 1988 - Marvel Comic - FN

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Fantastic Four #315 - 1988 - Marvel Comic

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With the possibility that he could be trapped on the alien world of Arcturus IV after being banished there by the Cat-People, Morbius the Living Vampire had written a diary detailing his journeys there..

This diary recounts how when he passed through the portal at the end of the River to Oblivion he found himself on the distant alien world. There he met that world's telepathic ruler Lord I. With his telepathic abilities Lord I deduces that Morbius had recently had an encounter with the Caretakers. Lord I explained to the living vampire how the Caretakers were the ancestors of the people who lived on the planet now. After centuries of innovation and controlled evolution, the Caretakers left Arcturus 12000 years earlier.

Lord I explained in the ensuing years, as more displaced people ended up in Arcturus, he learned that the Caretakers had crash landed on Earth and continued their work. However after they tried to outlaw natural reproduction which was being replaced by genetic engineering, a war broke out and the Caretakers wiped themselves out in nuclear war, leaving only primitive man to claim the Earth. Lord I then concluded his tale to Morbius by telling him that he and his people cannot die thanks to the genetic tampering done on them by the Caretakers. Showing Morbius the last functioning space ship on the planet, Lord I charged Morbius with the mission of returning to Earth and slaying the Caretakers in revenge. Before leaving, Morbius wrote everything down for whoever might come across it later.

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