Fantastic Four #313 - 1988 - Marvel Comic - FN

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Fantastic Four #313 - 1988 - Marvel Comic

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The Fantastic Four have come to Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S. where they meet with Dr. DeVere. There they learn that the operations have been scaled down considerably since the Thing used to work security at the facility and that most of the super-villains that used to be contained there have since been transferred to the Vault. The Thing tells DeVere that they are looking for the Mole Man and heard that there was a tunnel that ran under the facility. DeVore tells them that there is, but it was sealed off following an attack by the Lava Men, but agrees to take them to it. Along the way, Ben spots the room where his old charge Wundarr used to live and once again has to remember how things have changed over the years. His mind then goes back to why they decided to come here in the first place...

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