Fantastic Four #312 - 1988 - Marvel Comic - FN

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Fantastic Four #312 - 1988 - Marvel Comic

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Johnny and Crystal arrive in Wakanda and are shocked to see that the transformations Ben and Sharon have undergone during their battle against Fasaud. When they offer their condolences, Ben brushes it off as being mutated is nothing new to him. But when Crystal promises that they will find a cure for Sharon, Ms. Marvel bursts out laughing and then angrily reminds them how many times the Fantastic Four failed to cure the Thing, and how without Reed Richards on the team anymore they don't stand a chance of succeeding. Ben calms everyone down and tells them that they should meet their host, but warns Johnny and Crystal that they are in for a shock. In the next room, Doctor Doom is meeting with T'Challa to seek aid to liberate Latveria from Kristoff Vernard, the young ward programmed to think he is the real Doctor Doom. Johnny protests to this request for aid, pointing out that Kristoff shouldn't be ousted just to replace him with someone who is no different.

The Black Panther reminds Johnny that his role as a fellow king is to provide sanctuary for Doom and has no intention of putting his people in harm's way in a conflict with Latveria, on top of his personal feelings and his allegiances to the Fantastic Four and Avengers. T'Challa then tells the group that once Doom has left, he wishes to accompany them back to the United States. Hearing this, Doctor Doom insists that he return to the United States with the Fantastic Four as well. This leads to a brief argument between T'Challa and Doom on whether they will allow the deposed leader to accompany them. After some posturing, then reluctant respect from Doom, T'Challa decides to take him with them. Meanwhile, in Latveria, Kristoff Vernard receives reports that his "impostor" is heading to the States.

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