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Fantastic Four #303 - 1987 - Marvel Comic

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The Thing tries to cheer himself up by spending time in the Fantastic Four's trophy room, but the idea does little to affect his mood. The problem is that even though he was the best man at Johnny and Alicia's wedding he is still hurting over the fact that Alicia ended up marrying the Torch instead of him. Thinking about how this happened, Ben comes to the conclusion that if he hadn't gone to Battleworld and took part in the Secret Wars none Johnny and Alicia's relationship would never would have happened. Ben then decides to see what Reed and Sue are up to, but when he finds them watching over their son Franklin as he sleeps, he decides that he doesn't need them to babysit him during one of his moods and decides to go out and get some fresh air.

Ben finds himself walking through a powerful storm and as he continues to think of how things would have been different had he not gone to Battleworld, he is suddenly blinded by a flash of lighting. Appearing before him is his old ally Thundra, who explains that she had returned to her own future recently thanks to the Nth Command's reality projector, but now needs his help. She explains that the warriors of Machus are revolting against the women on her world. When she asks for Ben's help to quell the uprising, he agrees to join her. Activating her D-Belts, Thundra transports the two of them to the 23rd Century.