Fantastic Four #302 - 1987 - Marvel Comic - VG

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Fantastic Four #302 - 1987 - Marvel Comic

Very Good Condition

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While driving through upstate New York on their honeymoon, the Human Torch and his new bride Alicia Masters come across a military roadblock. When the soldiers start getting rough with his wife, Johnny flames on. Realizing who they are dealing with, the commanding officer tells the Torch that they are only practicing maneuvers in the area and sends them on their way. However things are not as they seem as the commander is upset that a super-hero is in the area where things are bad enough. Johnny isn't convinced that the soldiers are only involved in training, but Alicia takes his mind off the subject by reminding him that they are heading to Athenville to visit her friend Myrna, who has assured Alicia that Athenville is ideal for their honeymoon.