Fantastic Four #301 - 1987 - Marvel Comic - VG

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Fantastic Four #301 - 1987 - Marvel Comic

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As he sleeps, Franklin is dreaming about his parents and his Uncle Ben fighting for their lives. This is not merely a dream, as the three members of the Fantastic Four are actually at the hideout of the Mad Thinker and have accidentally triggered the defenses, while investigating the failed attack on Johnny and Alicia's wedding. With the help of the police, they turn off the defenses. Franklin, casting his dream form, watches from behind some machines, hiding so his parents don't find out as he is aware that his powers frighten his parents. As Reed examines the scene, they find evidence that the Mad Thinker's plan was apparently foiled by the Puppet Master, much to their surprise.

As the investigation continues, on the officers accidentally triggers a device that activates the Thinker's army of androids. While the Fantastic Four deal with this new threat, Franklin witnesses as one of the androids sneaks up on his father. Franklin calls out, alerting his father of the danger. Franklin then disappears so his new powers are not discovered. Briefly seeing his son, Reed dispatches the android and looks for the boy, but finds no trace of Franklin anywhere.

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